About Us

Dogs. Collars. Leashes. Men. Rescue. Adoption.

Puchelli was created for multiple reasons, first and foremost is to assist animals in need. Founded by two sisters, Sandi and Maryann Izzarelli, with hopes that more animals could be helped through this avenue than on a one by one basis. We want to support those on the front line of animal rescue and welfare because without these guardians working tirelessly the animals would have no hope.

After decades in the oh-so-glamourous commercial construction industry, a change was needed and many different business plans were contemplated. Drawing on Sandi’s strong background in design and uncanny sense of style we began developing patterns alongside artists from around the world to create one of a kind Puchelli wovens. While it’s been a long road to launch, it has paid off and we can proudly say that our products offer nothing but the best in materials and style.

So let’s get to it, who cares really about the history – the most common question we get is “WHAT is up with the men?!?” While we love the cutesy animal stuff, adore women in advertising and can certainly appreciate a darling puppy picture any day of the week we have spent decades in the construction-man world. If we were going to spend the rest of our lives working on a dream it wasn’t going to be equivalent to the excitement of underground water pipe, we’ve paid our dues. So after kicking around many ideas “Hot & Collared” was born because who doesn’t love to see men who adore dogs? (That’s rhetorical, but if you really don’t care then please refer to the outstanding quality and style section above.)

We want our friends involved! Check out our photo galleries for more pictures and information about our models (both two and four legged) but also to contribute! Let’s see pics of you, your guy, your pups sporting your Puchelli gear, we want your shots! Ladies, it’s the perfect excuse to ask the hot guy at the park to model with your Puchelli dog for a quick snapshot…just a thought of course. Also if you’re interested in one of our upcoming photo shoots in the North Texas area please be sure to contact us.